Tuesday, February 25, 2014

EO's New eBay Resale Program


Customers are often asking us if we buy used optics. The answer is no, but over the years, we have recognized the need for people to sell their gently used, higher end optics as they consider upgrading to a better binocular or spotting scope. Therefore, we're happy to introduce our new Eagle Optics eBay Resale Program. We do the selling for you--you get all the (store) credit!

This program is designed to assist Eagle Optics customers, or potential customers, by selling their unwanted optics on eBay. Our requirements are simple: we consider binoculars and spotting scopes that are well-cared for, have a potential resale value of $300 or more, and are in excellent working condition. Items that would NOT qualify for this program are astronomical telescopes, rangefinders, night vision and image-stabilized binoculars, and antique optics.

Here's how it works: You call Eagle Optics and speak to Adrian, who manages the eBay Resale Program (he will register you by phone; this can't be done online). We list your pre-approved optics on eBay either for a set price or as an auction. Once the item sells, we ship the item to the buyer and wait until the return period is over. If the item has not been returned, we issue a store credit (minus a 5% fee, or $40, whichever is less) in the form of either an Eagle Optics Gift Certificate or a refund on a recent Eagle Optics purchase.

So if you're ready to upgrade, it's quite possible your tried-and-true binocular or scope can help you get there. And so can Eagle Optics, with our new eBay Resale Program. Give us a call--let's talk!

Nina Cheney
Eagle Optics Staff
Binoculars: Bring them. See what they bring you.

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