Friday, August 23, 2013

Lincoln Elementary Birding class says: "THANKS!"

A while ago, Eagle Optics helped outfit Laurie Solchenberger's 4th and 5th grade Birding class with binoculars. And this week, the proud, beaming teacher dropped off the thank-you card (pictured above). Along with it were several thoughtfully written letters from her students stating what they had learned. These letters brought many smiles to our office. I thought I’d share some excerpts:

"One thing I learned about birds this year is that all birds are special and do things in a different way. Because when I was in 2nd grade, I thought all birds were THE SAME! How boring would that be!?" Thank you!" Sincerely, Sutton

"Some things I have learned about birds are that boy birds are usually way more colorful than girls. And the time we did a Birdathon, for each bird (earning) 10 cents. It's to help all the birds. We were the teachers and we of course had help from the binoculars. I had so much fun looking at the birds. I think I would love to teach more kids about birds." Sincerely, Wendy

"I leaned how to tell the difference between a Crow and a Raven. I also learned how to tell the difference between a Mute Swan, a Trumpeter Swan, and a Tundra Swan. Some things that we have done are the Bird-athon, which was we stayed outside all day and taught the rest of the school about birds to raise money to help birds. We think it would be reall great if we could all have good binoculars to look at birds." Sincerely, Ellis

"I learned so much! Like how to identify Chimney Swifts, which birds are nice--pigeons, robins--and which birds are NOT nice--Red-winged Blackbirds (Dive Bombers) and Brown-headed Cowbirds (Nest Stealers)! I liked doing the Birdathon (kind of). I liked teaching kids how to use binoculars, but NOT when they were super ignorant! We also did birdographys, which were super fun!" Sincerely, Evan

"These are things that I know about birds. I learned that hummingbirds are the smallest birds in the world. And crows are smart. I know the fastest bird is the Peregrine Falcon. I know the biggest bird is the ostrich. The Flamingos used to be black but they turned pink because of their food."  ~ Rosie

"This year I learned about birds is that most of the females do all of the work like feed their baby and take care of them and most of the time the man don't do any thing. I learned some of them have different ways of doing something and some do something the same way and that's it." From, Sammy

"I remember the field trip that it was raining all day, and we saw a Canada Goose and a Crow. In my yard I see: Robins, Cardinals, Crows, House Sparrows, and Black-Capped Chick-a-dees. On my road I think there is a Chick-a-dee nest, but Crows ate all the babies." Sincerely, Jonathon

"I have learned a lot of stuff this year about birds. My favorite bird is a wood pecker. I have seen birds that I have never seen before so thank you for showing me that. I hope you teach the kids about birds next year. I know they will like it, I know they will." Sincerely, Avyona

Eagle Optics is glad to assist this class and Ms. Solchenberger's work. She is nurturing future birders and therefore, conservationists!  Bravo!

Nina Cheney
Eagle Optics Staff
Binoculars: Bring them. See what they bring you.

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