Friday, March 1, 2013

Demos: A Good Deal!


Have you ever noticed demo binoculars or scopes on sale, been tempted by the great price, and then thought to yourself, "Wait. What exactly IS a demo?"

A demo binocular or scope comes to us from the manufacturer, in good condition, and with all original accessories. Eagle Optics periodically gets demos from various manufacturers, which are offered at significantly discounted prices. With the discounted price, you might expect to see a cosmetic imperfection on the rubber armoring. The lenses and optics are in working condition. While some warranties remain the same as with a new product, others vary, depending on the brand.

Remember, with all purchases from Eagle Optics, you have 30 days from the day you receive the product to try it out. If it doesn't meet your needs, simply send it back for a refund. See the details of our Return Policy here.

A demo can save you money. But more than that, a demo price may enable you to move up to a binocular or scope you didn't think you could afford. Check out our current inventory of  binocular demos and spotting scope demos, and check back often.  As always, the Eagle Optics staff is always happy to assist with any questions you may have regarding a specific binocular or scope.  Just give us a call!

Nina Cheney
Eagle Optics Staff
Binoculars: Bring them. See what they bring you.

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  1. I have been to your store! and purchased a Demo Zeiss Binocular some time ago. I have no problem buying a Demo optic! they are priced to SELL. Thanks Dave.


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