Sunday, January 6, 2013

The eagles have landed... err... badgers have irrupted

The first installment of our BRRRRdathon team, the Eagle Optics Badger Irruption, has arrived in Duluth, Minnesota. Jessica Gorzo and myself headed directly to our hotel to set up 'base camp' while Max Henschell and Lars Pomara (part of our extended scout team) did some preliminary scouting en route.


While just getting up here was the main goal today, our team kicked off the day with some awesome birds. Max and Lars tallied up a few Rough-legged Hawks, a couple of Northern Shrikes, and the best bird of the day: a very cooperative Northern Hawk Owl.

[caption id="attachment_3280" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Northern Hawk Owl by Max Henschell"]Northern Hawk Owl by Max Henschell[/caption]

Tomorrow we kick off our scouting adventures in earnest and we're all very excited to get out in the field and see what birds we can find to help plan our route for the big days on Friday and Saturday. Check back nightly for updates here on the Eagle Optics Blog. Also, if you have pledged to support our team, thank you! and if you haven't yet, there's still time. Here's the link to our pledge page and thank you in advance for your support!

Good Birding

Badger La Puma & the entire team

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