Monday, July 26, 2010

Eagle Optics now carrying SureFire Flashlights!

There are certain products that come our way and make us think, "What did I ever do without this?" Such is the case with the line of flashlights from Surefire, recently added to the Eagle Optics website. Once the gang here tested these little marvels, (or "illumination tools," as Surefire calls them) there was no thought of settling for flashlights of our past.

Little could come in handier in select (especially underlit) situations than a trusty handheld light. But, let's be truthful: how many flashlights in your past have been hands-down reliable? Bright enough for the job? Many of us have that dreaded drawer which harbors flashlights in varying stages of disarray, filaments broken or burned out, half-dead batteries rolling around everywhere. And, even when one is at the ready, we all share that dismal story of grabbing one, flicking it on, and click--nothing. Argh!

With Surefire's line of illumination tools, everything is under control. Ever seen a flawless beam of light coming from a flashlight? I mean, one without dark spots, imperfections, or rings? We hadn't, and we were duly impressed. Amazed, even. Surefire lays claim to offering a world-famous beam, achieved by combining quality components and power sources, and by teaming the light source with the correct precision reflector. There is even a tiny computer inside regulating power from the battery to deliver the most consistant light output. Wow! The result, when compared to ordinary flashlights is like night and...well, day.

Consider these factors that make Surefire products light years above other brands:

  1. Some of the smallest, brightest and most lightweight flashlights in the industry.

  2. Surefire's use of super-efficient LEDs means there is no filament to burn out or break. Their incandescents feature shock-isolation, similar to a car's suspension.

  3. The instrument won't suddenly quit once the battery power runs out; instead, it provides gradually decreasing levels of light as it uses every last drop of energy in the battery.

  4. Your hand will easily and quickly find the switch on the tailcap, and a lockout feature prevents accidentally leaving the flashlight on. 2 styles of headlamps afford no-hands illumination (I LOVE mine).

  5. Impact and weather resistant; O-rings keep dust, dirt, and moisture out.

  6. Your choice of rechargeable or non-rechargeable flashlights; both use high-power density lithium batteries which perform better in cold temps and have a longer shelf life.

  7. Surefire's no-hassle, limited lifetime warranty.

While Surefire illumination tools may cost more than other store brands, it is money well spent on unmatched quality and dependability. (Remember that world famous beam!) Flashlights built to serve every time, in every situation. Highly recommended.

Nina Cheney
Eagle Optics Staff

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