Friday, March 12, 2010

Swarovski EL Trade-in Offer

“Does your 42mm Swarovski EL show wear and tear from years of hard use in the field? Are you dreaming of the spectacular details seen through the Swarovision EL? Eagle Optics has an offer for you! Trade in your working condition 42mm EL binocular at Eagle Optics for an instant $800 credit toward the purchase of a new Swarovision EL binocular at our regular price. Want to try out a Swarovision before sending in your old EL? After you purchase a Swarovision, you will have 30 days to trade in your old working condition 42mm EL binocular for an $800 credit card refund. Questions? Call Eagle Optics at 1-800-289-1132.”

You may have seen the above Swarovski EL trade-in program we’re offering to our customers in a recent Eagle Optics Newsletter as well as on our website. Is this a good deal for you? Maybe, maybe not! If you’ve only recently purchased a Swarovski EL (non-Swarovision model), then this probably isn’t something you should consider doing. This offer is directed at customers who purchased their EL several years ago, shows obvious signs of use, and are thinking about upgrading to the new Swarovsion EL without the hassle of having to find a private buyer.

Mike McDowell
Eagle Optics Staff


  1. Do you allow a rade on 10X50 Habricht binos in excellent condition

  2. Dear Mike,
    This offer is through Swarovski and only applies to trading in the the 8.5x42 and 10x42 EL models for a new 42 mm or 50 mm Swarovision.

  3. What about the brand new 10X42 El Range if I trade in the 10X42 El


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