Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Harness Strap Tip

Have you ever considered trying a harness strap? I've fitted all of my binoculars with one for two great ergonomic benefits: 1). They greatly reduce binocular “swing” while you walk, and 2). The weight of your binocular will be distributed through your shoulders and back instead of your neck, making it considerably more comfortable for long-term use in the field.

Here’s a video demonstrating basic setup and use of a harness strap:

A frequently asked question is how to attach the binocular rainguard when using a harness strap. I like to use a black shoestring and create a tether from the ring that connects the harness strap to the eyelet. Here’s a hybrid design using multiple rings, a piece of shoestring, and a Swarovski eyelet connector:

I cut excess shoestring from the knot with a scissors and then use a lighter to melt any frayed threads. Melting it a little also increases the hold of the knot. When making the tether, be sure to give it enough length so that the rainguard isn’t hitting your face:

Here’s a customer comment on the harness strap at

Mike McDowell

Eagle Optics Staff

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  1. That's a good video. Some people like to use the metal key rings to attach binoculars, too.

    I like to attach them that way because it feels sturdier than a shoestring.


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