Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Future Nature Lovers Of America

At Eagle Optics, we feel a serious obligation to help every age learn to appreciate the world around us. One way is by offering savings on the purchase of the Eagle Optics Raven Young Naturalists Kit. Another terrific way we can fulfill this commitment is by assisting educational programs with their need for binoculars.pkg_eo_raven_6-5x32-ybg-t2 At Eagle Optics, your can stretch your dollars further and get longtime and future nature lovers  in the field faster.

Eagle Optics has helped so many groups through the years, it would be hard to count. But the Green Cay Nature Center, Palm Beach County, Florida's newest addition, sets a perfect example of partnering with Eagle Optics to ramp up its buying power.  For more information about this Eagle Optics program, call 1-800-289-1132 and ask for Kate Fitzmier or Tom Kuenzli.

Turning Over The Reins

Next week will I will be passing the Eagle Optics Blog to Mike McDowell. Many of you are already familiar with Mike's excellent birding and digiscoping blog. Just one of the multi-talented staff that make up Eagle Optics, his expertise is perfectly suited for this job.  I'll continue to write for the Eagle Optics website and weekly newsletter while taking extra time for family.  


Eagle Optics Staff

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