Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Atlas Radian and Sky King Have Arrived

These lazy days of summer have our warehouse staff working extra hard unpacking the new Atlas binoculars that just arrived.  Just like their big brother, atlas-binos_web3the Atlas Intrepid ED, you will find a level of optical quality not often found in its price range.

The dark green Sky King and Radian do not have any textured armoring---just a smooth, clean external appearance. The Sky King offers a locking right eye diopter and both binocular styles come with a tethered objective lens covers, a rainguard, a neck strap, and a case with a strap and belt loop for carrying. These are nice accessories not always packaged with the less expensive binoculars.   

Better than just nice is the price and performance of the $130-$140 Atlas Radian and the $200-$210 Atlas Sky King. While they may not be showy on the outside, the optical quality will show up most binoculars in this price range and challenge some that are  in a higher price category. Both offer bright images with good color resolution. I would give the edge in sharpness of detail to the Sky King, but both binoculars  are pretty amazing for their price and definitely merit your consideration.


Eagle Optics Staff

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