Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Traveler's Tripod Returns

bg_7301yb-tKeeping up with product changes sometimes seems like one long final exam. The most relentless professor has been Bogen Manfrotto as they have renumbered tried and true equipment, replaced magnesium fiber legs with carbon fiber legs,  and introduced brand new tripod heads and legs.  When the Eagle Optics staff heard that our favorite economical, lightweight travel tripod, the 728B Digi Tripod Kit was discontinued, our first question was, "What is taking its place?"

Happily,  Bogen Manfrotto did not abandon this class of tripod and recently introduced the 7301YB Tripod with 3-Way Head.  Once again our staff can routinely answer a customer's request for a really great travel tripod that doesn't cost a fortune.

If only I can remember those new numbers in time for my final exam.


Eagle Optics Staff

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