Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New Swarovski Eyepiece Is Here

Early Monday morning the Eagle Optics staff was busy calling numerous customers to fill their backorders for Swarovski's new 25-50x spotting scope eyepiece. For many Swarovski devotees, investing in the new eyepiece was a must. But, some of us will first ask ourselves why we would replace a perfectly wonderful 20-60 zoom eyepiece with a variable power eyepiece that offers lower magnification. The answer is simple---field of view.sey-sk-49340-t.jpg

Swarovski guarantees over 25 percent more field of view with the new eyepiece. It only takes a quick comparison to immediately notice the wide angle view across the entire magnification and I definitely felt like I was seeing more than 25 percent. While maintaining the generous 17mm eye relief, the noticeable larger lenses of the new eyepiece also benefits users by reducing eye fatigue common to long periods of scoping.

Order yours and see for yourself how Swarovski continues to impress its customers with the ability to take great optical performance and make it even greater.


Eagle Optics Staff

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  1. how much for the it...i do have the 20-60 eyepiece and think it works quite well...when you get use to it

  2. The Swarovski 25-50x eyepiece sells for $739.


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