Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Top Caliber Optics With A Rebate

Top-notch performance without an over-the-top price tag---don't we all hope to find a product of this caliber? Eagle Optics always has an eye out for binoculars and spotting scopes with this characteristic and the Vortex Razor certainly falls in this category. When you purchase this first-rate binocular from now until October 31, 2009, you can pocket great savings with the Razor rebate.vt_rzr_50mm_200.jpg

Superior optical engineering is an integral part of the Razor's premier performance. With patented XR multi-layer lens coating and XD glass, this binocular delivers even distant details with the rich colors and vivid details not normally achieved in this price category. Purged with Argon gas for added reliability in extreme weather, the open-hinge design and ergonomic balance guarantees the Razor is the perfect choice for the toughest of adventures.

Rebates from Vortex are available for both 42mm and 50mm sizes. With the opportunity to save $100 to $150, the Razor more than measures up in quality and value.


Eagle Optics Staff

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