Thursday, November 13, 2008

So Many Birds, So Little Time

So many birds---

Kate and I returned to Madison late on November 10th from the Rio Grande Valley Birding Festival. The festival was just as great as Ben and Kate had promised me. I arrived home on a birder's high. It was fun being the new kid on the birding block. Under Kate's amazing guidance and with the benefit of her well-used Sibley Guide to Birds, my life bird total for this festival was 57.

Lots of wonderful people---

The birding community delivered a warm welcome. Festival organizers Jan and Father Tom and their band of hard-working volunteers deserve credit and special thanks . It was especially gratifying to meet Nick Papadopoulos from Burning Hawk Philanthropic Wines, a new Eagle Optics Conservation Partner. Nick's passion for this worthwhile project was contagious from the first moment he called me at Eagle Optics. The Burning Hawk Wine tastings each evening were the perfect platform for Nick to share these special winesMexican Bluewing male.jpg and spread the word to birders from all areas of the country.

And butterflies galore---

I've always understood why butterfliers want a close focusing binocular, but seeing the massive numbers and varieties of butterflies allowed me to really get the benefit of a great close focus. The distinctive coloring and details of butterflies and dragonflies were mind boggling and my favorite had to be the Mexican Bluewing digiscoped by yours truly (OK-Kate helped). No wonder we sold so many of the Eagle Optics Ranger SRT 8x32 and the Pentax Papilo binoculars at the festival.


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