Monday, October 13, 2008

Sweet Deal On Kowa Scopes

Sweet deal is a favorite term with the Eagle Optics sales team. Reserved for a really good deal on great optics, sweet deal would definitely define the special Eagle Optics is offering on the Kowa TSN 771 and 772 spotting scopes. kw_tsn771_200.jpgUntil the end of 2008, the purchase of this spotting scope will include a free Kowa 25x long eye relief eyepiece.

Kowa spotting scopes have a long history of delivering great performance, and the TSN 771 and 772 do not disappoint! You will be rewarded with remarkably bright images and exceptionally sharp detail as this spotting scope outperforms its sale price of $980. Generally a fixed power eyepiece transmits more light than a zoom eyepiece set at the same power and will allow a wider field of view---all features to enhance observation and digiscoping results. The view through the 25x long eye relief eyepiece will confirm this.

Free car window mounts.

Take advantage of this sale now and start enjoying the fantastic performance of the Kowa 77mm TSN spotting scope. As a special offer for Eagle Optics Blog readers, the first four customers who call and ask will receive a free car window mount. This provides an easy way to use a spotting scope from the comfort of your car. No purchase necessary-just a free phone call to 1-800-289-1132.


Eagle Optics Staff

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