Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sandhill Crane Shot With Arrow

What would be a death sentence for most birds recently demonstrated the resiliency of a Sandhill Crane and the caring nature of mankind. This past Labor Day weekend, a report of a Sandhill Crane with an arrow shot through its body was received by Marge Gibson, Executive Director of the Raptor Education Group, Inc. Her group attempted a capture at that time, but was not able to find the crane. When no further reports were received in the following weeks, it was assumed the crane had died.Crane Arrow.jpg

Somehow the Sandhill Crane had luckily survived and reports again started coming into the Raptor Education Group (REGI) office. News spread of the bird coming to a creek at the same time each day. When Marge stopped to see the crane, she saw the arrow penetrating the bird from the back and exiting at the chest.

Wildlife rehabilitator, Nicki Christiansen, from the Wisconsin Rapids area organized 15 concerned citizens from all walks of life. Within an hour, a successful rescue attempt was accomplished. The arrow was safely removed from the crane in the field, and she was transferred to the REGI facility in Antigo, Wisconsin. With such fantastic care, she is gaining strength and REGI hopes to unite her with her mate and youngster this fall or next spring.

This story starts with one senseless act of cruelty and ends with many acts of kindness. Eagle Optics encourages everyone to become involved by volunteering or donating to your favorite wildlife conservation groups. The vital missions of REGI and others like them are making a difference each day and for years to come.


Eagle Optics Staff

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