Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Where Did I Park the Car?

Many of us find ourselves coming and going at a dizzying pace these days. With so much on our mind, we can forget some pretty simple things, such as where the car is parked or how to return to the hotel. The Bushnell Backtracker provides an easy solution to these vexing situationsbn_backtrack_360050_100.jpg. This basic, palm-sized GPS system allows you to mark three different locations. Whenever you are ready to return, the Backtracker shows you the distance and direction of the way back. Mark the locations of the car in the airport parking lot, the hotel in the city, and a favorite restaurant or store. The Bushnell Backtracker is bound to make a hectic day easier.

Working from home---

A big writing project has allowed me to work from home the last few weeks. As much as I miss talking to the terrific Eagle Optics customers and working with the best coworkers one could want, I have enjoyed the opportunity for extra glimpses of my backyard visitors. baby robin.jpg Imagine my surprise when I looked up one day and saw a nest of robins sitting on a tree branch behind our basketball backboard. Lucky for these three baby robins, my son is focused on his football season. Lucky for me, digiscoping is work related!


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