Monday, September 8, 2008

Savor Wine and Save Birds

A vineyard fire started by one hawk's encounter with a power line is a testament to the adage "strength in numbers." One person's idea generated a swift growth of interest in a project which resulted in the creation of Resolution Wines. Its mission is simple---"Resolving to Make a Difference thru Fine Wine Partnerships".

At the helm of this new venture is Nick Papadopoulos and his professional expertise of bringing people together to solve problems. Nick's organization of like-minded individuals triggered a speedy response to finding a way to stop the annual loss of 174 million birds due to power line collisions. By collaborating with Windsor Vineyards, the vision of Nick and his many partners is underway.burning hawk logo.jpg

You can read Nick's blog for more information on how they hope to address urgent wildlife issues not just in California or the United States. Nick writes about groups and individuals who have already contacted Burning Hawk in regard to their work on saving wildlife. One such project that the Burning Hawk Wine Initiative hopes to help is the work of wildlife biologist Rick Harness. For the last two years, Rick and his colleagues at EDM International, Inc. have traveled to Mongolia Steppe to conduct studies to save the endangered Saker falcons and other birds from power line electrocution. In conjunction with the University of Mongolia, a project is under development to retrofit the power lines in Mongolia.

Save on wine and optics.

Windsor Vineyards is offering the Burning Hawk Wine for purchase online. Until the end of 2008, you can save 10% off your initial purchase by using the code phoenix08. You can make a difference by ordering Burning Hawk wines. You can also help spread the word by sending the names of local wine merchants to Nick tells me they will be working through state distributors to get these wines into local shops and restaurants. With your purchase of Burning Hawk wine, you will receive a five percent discount coupon which can be applied to your Eagle Optics order by calling us.


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