Monday, May 19, 2008

Bluebird Bed and Breakfast

Lodging for blue birds---

With all the birds of summer in the yard, I try to carry a pair binoculars when heading outside. Sometimes I forget to grab the binos as I work to entice the Eastern Bluebirds to nest at my Bluebird Bed and Breakfast. Their exclusive B&B sits in a quiet area of the yard with his and hers feeding stations and a regular supply of pine needles imported from the bike path. They have built a nice nest and regularly come for their twice-a-day selection of mealworms--- but no eggs yet.

Legs to wow you! go_head_2180_200.jpg

The more I learn about birds, the more I love them. The same could be said about the Gitzo tripod legs and head sold by Eagle Optics. I was especially "wowed" when we received the newtri_go_1541_200.jpg Gitzo Mountaineer 4-Section Compact Tripod Legs. Strong and lightweight at only 2.5 pounds, this leg is destined to become a favorite with travelers and backpackers. The slender legs with a superior twist-lock design were especially quick and simple to set up. Add the Gitzo G2180 Tripod Head and you will enjoy 3.7 pounds of first-class performance. The $100 rebate offered by Gitzo makes this the perfect time to save money and get ready for summer adventures.


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