Thursday, April 17, 2008

Sleep Deprived Owl

Mothers around the country will identify with the Great Horned Owl starring on the California State University Bakersfield Owl Cam. Owls are supposed to sleep during the day, but watching this owlcam.jpgowl cam has lead me to suspect even mother owls experience sleep deprivation when it comes to raising their young. Her three owlets have reached an activity level which limits nap time for all. While mom looks on, these three rambunctious kids greedily gobble rodents, flap their wings, and practice hopping on and off the ledge of their man-made nest. When they are in view of the camera, their antics are adorable. They have also started spending time away from mom by hanging out in the far corner of the nest---out of camera range. We parents can only imagine what they are up to!

This lovable family will be taking off soon. Give yourself a treat and check in on this delightful panorama of nature.


Eagle Optics Staff

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