Monday, February 18, 2008

Winter Visitors

Another weekend with a veritable smorgasbord of Wisconsin weather. Saturday brought a beautiful sunny day (and warm in the mid-20's) with lots of people out running errands before the huge winter storm predicted for Sunday. The first thing I did Sunday morning was raise the window shadecoopers.jpg to see if we had been hit by the much heralded blast of rain, ice, and snow. Weather quickly left my mind as I spotted a hawk in the backyard eating its breakfast on the snow. I ran downstairs to look through the spotting scope and realized it was too early in the morning to stomach a close-up look at this natural occurrence. With a less graphic look through my binoculars, I saw an elegant looking Cooper's Hawk dining on a Mourning Dove. By the time I remembered to get my camera, the hawk had flown off with its prey. Another digiscoping opportunity lost due to my inexperience. (Photograph courtesy of Mike McDowell)

Shortly after coming to work at Eagle Optics this morning, it was great fun to watch Mike McDowell practice his digiscoping expertise. A female Ring-neck Pheasant (and a new bird species for Eagle Optics) was feasting on corn scattered under a tree close to our front door. Before I knew it, Mike had his camera attached to a spotting scope and mounted on a tripod. He quietly eased the equipment and himself out the door, photographed the pheasant only 25 feet away, and came back in the showroom without even disturbing her!

As Mike will tell you, in order to become good at the the art of digiscoping, you have to continually practice your craft. The recent 11th Annual Spacecoast Birding and Wildlife Festival offered new and experienced digiscopers the opportunity to do just that by entering a digiscoping challenge sponsored by Swarovski Optiks and Eagle Optics. The contest was open to festival participants who submitted images they took at one of the specified locations. All of these entries will soon be posted on a webpage for the public to rate their favorite image. We are very excited to promote the achievements of these digiscopers. For information on how to enjoy this work and vote for your favorite photograph, call us at 1-800-289-1132 or sign up for Eagle Optics email alerts. Details will be available shortly.


Eagle Optics Staff

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