Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Snow, Snow, Snow

Southern Wisconsin is literally up to its neck in snow. lc_ultravid_hd_42mm_200.jpgSnowing yet again this morning, the record high snowfall of 75.5 inches was surpassed before dawn. Local meteorologists seem enthusiastic about the potential to reach 100 inches of snow this season. Even the most robust of Wisconsinites have found themselves grumpy about the towering piles of snow with single-digit and below zero temperatures . A little stir crazy myself, I contemplated grabbing the binoculars and heading outside this weekend. A windchill below zero helped me quickly overcome my "cabin fever" and I stayed inside.

I may be a wimp in cold weather, but our Eagle Optics customers are nothing of the sort. No one can put a binocular to the test like you. You have called us about binoculars for use in weather extremes from the tropics to Antarctica. This time of year often brings questions regarding the performance of a focus wheel in cold weather. Most binoculars use a greased focusing mechanism which can cause the focus wheel to become a little stiff in cold weather. Leica's new Ultravid HD and Ultravid BR have incorporated, high performance plastics in its focusing mechanisms. This new design claims to eliminate performance inconsistencies caused by weather conditions. As more Ultravid HD's are taken into the field, our customers will be the final judges and let us know if Leica has truly conquered this quirky aspect of binocular focus knobs.


Eagle Optics Staff

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