Monday, January 7, 2008

Happy New Year from Eagle Optics

Amazement would best describe my feelings at the start of this new year. 2007 was very rewarding for Eagle Optics and our staff. Just about a year ago, we moved to a new showroom area and I started the Eagle Optics Blog. The new office now feels like home and the blog is easy to write, thanks to our eagle-eyed readers who catch needed corrections. From coast to coast, customers are finding their way to our showroom. We treasure your visits whether it is the couple motorcycling their way from New York to St. Louis, Saturday's shopper from Washington, or many of you from neighboring states.

The quality of knowledge and experience I have gathered from our seasoned staff is evident when customers call with feedback on their purchases. Harry in Florida reports his new spotting scope is responsible for the discovery of a new life bird. Michael in New Jersey wrote and sent eagle pictures from a birding trip where he put his new binoculars to the test and loved them. At Eagle Optics, the customer comes first as I think Bill in North Carolina would agree. While trying to find a new binocular for his wife, I learned she had an older compact which could be repaired. I gave him the manufacturer phone number and she now has her beloved compacts back and working better than before. I may have lost a sale but the repeat business and recommendations we get from satisfied customers are infinitely more worthwhile.

The Eagle Optics family wishes our family of customers a year of similar fulfillment and optical adventures.


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