Monday, December 10, 2007

When Binoculars Won't Do

Every week we receive calls from customers who have had the unfortunate experience of having their binocular stolen, usually from their automobile. This has caused me to be very cautious about taking my own binocular in the car. The problem with not having a binocular means I find myself without the ability to get a close look at something unexpected. I have solved this dilemma by keeping a monocular in the car's gloveMacroscope_200.jpg compartment. There are several reasons you will find a monocular more desirable than a binocular. Monoculars are a huge help to people dealing with a visual impairment or monocular vision. They are also sought after by nature lovers who want lightweight, pocket size, optical equipment available at their fingertips. (I even find my monocular useful to see what is ahead while stuck in a traffic jam.)

Eagle Optics has a lot of great monocular options in all price ranges. The Audubon 6x16 or Eagle Optics Insight 7x18 are perfect for the casual user. The Vortex Solo 8x25 and the Minox Minoscope 8x25 are slightly larger in size, provide higher magnification, and have better light gathering ability than some of the really tiny monoculars. Minox is currently offering a free Minox monocular with the purchase of any full size Minox binocular. I had a chance to use this monocular and its bright optics and easy to use focus knob make it the perfect sport optic to keep handy for when your binoculars aren't.

As always, call Eagle Optics at 1-800-289-1132 for advice on monoculars and other sport optics on your gift giving list.


Eagle Optics Staff

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