Monday, December 3, 2007

Binocular Bargain-Again!

Hard to believe I have been at Eagle Optics over a yearpx_dcf_xp_200.jpg now. When I first started navigating the mystery of sport optics, certain things were memorable from the beginning and a whole bunch of things took many months for me to absorb. One of the early experiences I remember was looking through the Pentax DCF XP 8x33 binocular. I was amazed---such a little binocular packing such a bright, sharp view. I was then perplexed to find out Pentax was discontinuing this binocular. It was a happy surprise to see the Pentax DCF XP 10x33 back in our inventory and at a bargain price. The Eagle Optics purchasing department (you've got to love them!) was able to obtain a limited supply of this 10 power mid-size binocular at a tremendous savings for our customers. Don't wait---we have a limited supply of this waterproof, fogproof, lightweight and delightful binocular.


Eagle Optics Staff

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