Monday, November 26, 2007

No Binoculars Required

Good old American ingenuity has given us many wonderful and important inventions. It has also given us more gadgets, gizmos, doodads, and dohickeys than we can probably count. Never is this more evident than during the holiday season. ws_birdcam_tree_200.jpgToday I am recommending a unique gift idea that might initially be thought of as just another gadget, but in reality has proven to be easy-to-use and rewarding. Which "birding gadget" has Eagle Optics decided to offer? The Wingscapes BirdCam Digital Wildlife Camera was specifically chosen to become a part of our inventory because this invention has a proven track record with customers.

Weatherproof and motion-activated, the camera is perfect for capturing feathered friends and sometimes an unexpected furry visitor as bird blogger Bill Schmoker found out. I could certainly have used one the day I was outside without my binoculars and a Sharp Shinned Hawk perched on the pole holding the bird feeders. I took in as many fine points as my eyes could see then tried to quickly sneak into the house and grab my binoculars. Too late. Not finding any food, the hawk had taken off and I was left without the close-up details I craved of this new visitor to the backyard. The Wingscapes BirdCam mounted on the bird feeder would have given me an eagle eye view of the Sharp Shinned Hawk. What do all of us miss on a daily basis? Get one of these terrific set-ups and find out for yourself.


Eagle Optics Staff

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