Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Binoculars To Make You Feel Like A Kid

The popularity of the Pentax Papilio 8.5x21 and the 6.5x21 binoculars is something I certainly understand from reviewing its specifications and talking to customers purchasing Pentax's unique binocular. With some extra time over a long weekend, I decided to take the Papilio home for a close up inspection of the late summer offerings in my yard. This reverse porro prism prism with its close set objective lens and 18 inch close focus is unequaled by any other binocular available. My son thought it resembled a microscope and I must say the results of magnification at such a close distance offer microscopic inspection possibilities and a visual treat. When I focused it on the various flowers around my gardens, the marvelous details made me feel like a kid on a nature exploration. yard_leica.jpg

So what minutia did I discover with this great little binocular in hand? The close-up of a spent Hydrangea flower head displayed multitudes of chubby seed pods. So that was what the House Finches have been busy pecking away at! Did you know bumble bees have orange-red patches on their hind legs? This bee was truly "busy" clutching pollen-laden Lamium blossoms, so getting near was not a worry. The gorgeous blue Monkshood blossoms sported tiny droplets of moisture and an abandoned spider web-all details impossible to see without the Pentax Papilio at my disposal. The warm day and an abundance of mosquitoes caused me to cut my explorations short, but I have plans to keep a Papilio close by for more glimpses into nature's captivating textures and changing patterns.

Call Eagle Optics at 1-800-289-1132 to place an order for the really enjoyable Pentax Papilio binocular and receive free UPS Ground Shipping. You will be tickled with a child-like wonderment when the Papilio arrives.


Eagle Optics Staff

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