Friday, September 28, 2007

Binocular Bragging

When I was growing up, my Mom always told me I shouldn't brag. We should be humble---no matter what. Well this blog is one my Mom probably shouldn't read, because I am going to brag about our Eagle Optics Ranger SRT binocular. Past blogs have been devoted to our wealth of terrific binocular choices but I haven't written a specific blog about the Ranger SRT. Please forgive my less than humble theme for today.

Our long time Eagle Optics Ranger customers bear some responsibility for today's boasting. The original Ranger first came to the market in the early 1990's. From the beginning, Ranger owners reported their pleasure at the exceptional performance with bright and sharp edge-to-edge views. Since the birth of our binocular, the sport optics industry has continued to improve glass quality and lens coatings. The Eagle Optics Ranger has grown along side these improvements. Today's Ranger SRT shows off the many upgrades we have made to this lightweight, water proof and fog proof binocular. With comfortable click-stop eyecups, tough rubber armoring, and a great close focus, the Ranger is a versatile binocular at a budget friendly price. Ranger_SRT_32mm_200.jpg

The many sizes available make the Ranger SRT adaptable for numerous applications. Check out the 6x32 for the butterfly lover or sports enthusiast in your house. The 12x50 will enchant the astronomy buff when it reveals Jupiter's four Galilean moons. Birders adore the 8x42. To top off its great selection and many customer pleasing features, the Eagle Optics Platinum Protection Warranty guarantees you a binocular to last a lifetime. I wish automobiles, appliances, and electronics were meant to last as long!

So when you call and ask us about our Eagle Optics Ranger, I hope you will understand the pride we have in our "baby". After many years of nurturing and growth, the Ranger SRT has developed into a fine and well-respected sport optic used around the world. Try it for yourself-you will see why it is so rewarding to have the Ranger as a part of your family.


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