Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Summer Sale On An Exceptional ED Scope

Requests for spotting scope information are a daily occurrence for us. When helping our customers make informed choices, we assess their priorities including budget, weight, and type of usage. Another question we commonly ask will be if the customer has the desire to digiscope in the future. With all this information gathered, we can then offer spotting scope choices to fit the shopper's needs.

Nikon or Bushnell commonly come to mind because of their large selection of spotting scopes. For top of the line optical quality, we will turn to the Kowa Prominar, Leica Televid APO, Swarovski HD, and Zeiss Diascope lines of spotting scopes. One spotting scope which often gets overlooked and shouldn't, is the Fujinon Super 80 ED Spotting Scope. A current Eagle Optics special offers this 80mm spotting scope body with a 20-60 zoom eyepiece for only $599.99. Its strong optical performance and $400 savings make this scope an exceptional value you will want to seriously consider.fj_super80s_ed_200.jpg

This great price prompted me to try the Fujinon spotting scope last week while the sun was shining and again on our dark, rainy Monday morning. I used the popular Bushnell Elite ED 20-60x80 for comparison to the Fujinon Super 80 ED. They share similar fields of view, size, weight and roll down rubber eye cups. The spotting scopes performed admirably under the different lighting conditions. With both scopes, I was able to observe the lacy leaf pattern left by Japanese Beetles as they dined on a cottonweed plant about 90 yards away. They have equally good color resolution and edge to edge sharpness. At the 20x magnification, the view was bright on both. Typical of any spotting scope, the image darkened as I zoomed in, but not to a point where it interfered with the ability to see details. On the dark, rainy day, I would have to give the nod to the Fujinon for a slightly brighter image at the highest power. osn_os_364la_200.jpg

The Extra-Low Dispersion glass makes the Fujinon Super 80 ED a good candidate for digiscoping when paired with the Vortex Universal Small Digiscoping Adapter and a point and shoot digital camera. For those of you interested in the lightweight carbon fiber tripod legs but are not willing to spend the extra money, take a look at the OSN Carbon Fiber OS 364 LA Tripod Legs weighing only 4 pounds. Many of you ask about a bag to carry the tripod and the OSN Carbon Fiber tripod legs include a carrying bag. Pair the OSN Carbon Fiber Legs with the Bogen Manfrotto 700RC2 and you have a tripod set up weighing only 5.1 pounds. We offer three other full sized tripods and heads which weigh less. They are the Bogen Manfrotto 728B Digi Tripod Kit (3.9 lbs.), Swarovski CT 101 FH/FH101 Carbon Tripod Kit (4.9 lbs.) and the Gitzo Mountain 6x legs with the Gitzo Tripod Head (4.3 lbs.). Just as the Vortex Universal Digiscoping Adapter is an economical option for digiscoping, we feel the the OSN Carbon Fiber tripod legs will be an excellent choice for budget minded shoppers needing to lighten their load.

We are hearing about new products from several manufacturers, such as the upcoming release of the new Leica Ultravid HD binocular. We have a few demo Leica Ultravid binoculars for sale---call us at 1-800-289-1132 for details. As always, stay in touch with Eagle Optics for great pricing, the best customer service, and new product information.


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  1. I own the Fujinon Super 80 ED Spotting Scope (bought it from Eagle Optics a few years ago) and it is EXCELLECT! We use it in Yellowstone ever year watching bears and wolves and whenever I share the view, everyone makes comments on how clear it is (especially right at dark!).

    I have used the scope in rain and snow...without an issue.

    I absolutely recommend this scope 100% !

    Tip: Invest in the best (and heaviest) tripod that you can! Don't put a great scope...on a beginner tripod!

  2. I would like to purchase the Fujinon Super 80 scope for $599. Couldn't find it on your site.


    Dave Buck

  3. What size uv lens does the Fujinon Super 80 take? Where can I buy it?

  4. Hello Eric,
    Unfortunately, I can't be much help here. This scope is discontinued. Probably best to call Fujinon directly. The number is 973-633-5600.


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