Thursday, July 12, 2007

Rock the Boat with Binoculars That Won't!

Summer is in full swing and many of you are lucky to be enjoying time on the water. Maybe you are using a camera with image stabilizing technology to take pictures while on the water. Binocular users can benefit from this same technology to use their binoculars and not worry about holding still on a rocking boat. Image stabilized binoculars now offer state-of-the-art technology to replace views distorted by movement with steady, clear images. Eagle Optics carries image stabilization binoculars made by Canon, Fujinon, and Nikon and as with all binoculars, various styles will fit a variety of needs.tek_raft_wilds_725092small.jpg

For serious boaters who need waterproof and fogproof binoculars, Fujinon and Nikon incorporate this feature in their lines. Fujinon is widely used on naval and coast guard vessels and is meant to stand up to rough water and weather conditions. Steady images in both vertical and horizontal directions are accomplished by using horizontal and vertical sensors. Combine this with a gimbaled frame (an appliance that allows an object, such as a ship's compass, to remain horizontal even as its support tips) erecting prisms and direct-drive motors and you have almost instant and constant stability. The Fujinon Techno-Stabi comes in 10x40, 12x32, and 14x40 binoculars. The 53.2 ounce weight of the 14x40 binoculars may require a tripod or monopod which will only enhance the image stability. These binoculars are packaged with a padded hard carry case, rainguard, objective lens covers, flotation neck strap and Fujinon offers a one year warranty.

Among Nikon's many binocular offerings, you can find the Nikon StabilEyes VR in 12x32,14x40, and 16x32 . Of course you will enjoy the classic bright Nikon optics along with stabilization to allow comfortable viewing whether it is motion from you or a vehicle on the move. Nikon counteracts the effects of shakiness with a position sensor to activate the stabilization feature as it detects vertical and horizontal movement. Vibration sensors and direct-drive motors move a gimbaled assembly to negate distortion caused by vibration. Nikon's VR Pause button offers extra stability when panning or viewing moving objects. The higher magnifications will allow great viewing over longer distances. A soft carry case, eyepiece cap, hand strap, neck strap, batteries and a Nikon one year limited warranty are all included with the purchase of the Nikon StabilEyes VR.ca_10x30is_200.jpg

Like Nikon and Fujinon, Canon has three versions of its image stabilized binoculars, but all have a little different offering. For the water lovers, the 10x42 L is the only one of the three with waterproofing. This binocular features the high-performance L-series optics which includes two Ultra-low Dispersion lens elements for a bright, sharp view. All the sizes have a doublet field flattener for sharp edge-to-edge views. The 12x36 II offers the consumer longer battery life with an enhanced power-saving component. Combine this element with your lithium AA batteries to gain up to 12 hours of continuous use. I have had backyard and casual birdwatchers walk out of our showroom completely delighted with the bright view, light weight and crisp images they enjoyed through the 10x30. Although these are not waterproof, the light weight of 22.2 ounces and 314 ft./1000 yds field of view will please many who need the stabilization feature without carrying extra weight or adjusting to a smaller field of view.

Let us help you find the perfect binocular for your viewing pleasure. As always, call us at 1-800-289-1132 and we will find the right binocular whether you are rocking on a boat or a rocking chair.


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