Friday, July 6, 2007

Ben's New Digiscoping Website

Those of you following the Eagle Optics Blog, know I am relatively new to sport optics and birding. Of course, I have learned a lot from my very knowledgable co-workers and customers' comments and experiences. I have my Eagle Optics Ranger 10x50 for birdwatching and an Eagle Optics Insight Monocular in my car for any chance encounters with wildlife (also good to see what is ahead if you are sitting still in a traffic jam). As I have used and written about the many binoculars and spotting scopes Eagle Optics offers, I certainly understand why our customers will collect numerous styles of sport optics for different applications. Not too long ago, I wrote about spotting scopes for birding. My own consideration was a desire to see the Sandhill Cranes who visit the marsh area across from the entrance to my neighborhood. But starting a couple weeks ago, we had a pair of cranes become regular fixtures around the houses under construction across the street from me.spt_vt_edsky_a_200.jpg

Sunday morning I did not need my binoculars or a spotting scope to get a good look at all the crane activity right in my front yard. The pair of cranes came right up to a flower bed by my front porch. "Harlan", the male (of course, I have to name them) was ready to head into the back yard, but he made the mistake of stopping next to the bluebird box with five babies inside. It did not take long for the bluebirds to make him change direction and go back to the front yard with "Dolly". Now, I daily see "Harlan and Dolly" across the street in the neighbor's yard or empty lots. I think this presents a perfect opportunity to try my hand at digiscoping without having to travel anywhere or haul equipment beyond my front porch. I would like to use the Vortex Universal Adapter and Vortex Skyline 20-60x80 ED Spotting Scope for my practice. Don't count on seeing my work soon, but when I have some luck, I will show you what a beginner can do.

For an experienced view on digiscoping, take time to visit Ben's new digiscoping site.blk wht warbler.jpg Many of you have met Ben, our Eagle Optics Sales Manager, at different birding festivals. His website offers photos (like this excellent shot of a Black and White Warbler) as well as a simple to understand overview of different digiscoping equipment. Newly posted last week, Ben's site is already an easy to study reference for digiscoping set-ups with various spotting scopes, digital adapters and DSLR or digital point and shoot cameras. We are incredibly lucky to have experienced digiscopers like Ben and Mike McDowell on the Eagle Optics staff. Ben will continue adding more information and photos to his sight. Mike's website also offers product details and is an excellent source of digiscoping tips. You will find great information to get started with his postings about digiscoping focus technique and digital zoom focusing technique. In all, he offers 13 different topics under Mike's Digiscoping Tips (right side of his homepage).

We have definitely kept busy at Eagle Optics with vacationers stopping in, over the phone specials, and in general staying up-to-date about the changing sport optics scene. If you want to receive updates regarding Eagle Optics offers, be sure to sign up for future information. Keep calling with your digiscoping questions-we have very reliable resources to help!


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