Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Leica Binoculars-Buy Now Before Prices Increase!

Summer is in full swing with today being a rather hot and humid day for Wisconsin. June has found our customers often stopping by or calling to purchase great binoculars and monoculars to take on vacation or that perfect spotting scope for their home on the water. Digiscoping continues to be of great interest for our customers and I am getting better at understanding the various digiscoping equipment needed for different cameras and spotting scopes (with great support from my Eagle Optics co-workers). The Leica Televid Spotting Scope, Leica Digital Camera Adapter and the Leica C-Lux 2 Digital Camera offer one of the easiest digiscoping set-ups, but if you are interested you had better buy now. Current Leica prices are good through July 1st. Starting Monday, July 2nd, Leica has taken price increases on many of their products. ultravid_42mm_BL_200.jpg

Leica has been well-known for 100 years as a manufacturer of some of the finest binoculars and cameras on the market. This year is their 100th anniversary of the first binocular Leica ever made. The world's first 35mm camera was designed and produced by Leica in 1914. Their long history as a leader in sport optics and cameras gives Leica a unique place among the top companies in the high performance segment of optics. As with all great quality products, the prices have increased over time and Eagle Optics will implement the Leica price increases starting on Monday, July 2nd.

For example, the full size Leica Binoculars take a $100 to $200 price increase. The very popular Leica Ultravid 8x42 will increase $100 and the old world style Leica Ultravid 8x42 Leather goes up $150. Leica's amazing Ultravid compact 8x20 increases approximately $60 with the 10x25 scheduled for the smallest increase---about $20. Leica Spotting Scopes vary with added costs of approximately $50 to $150. The Leica C-Lux 2 is not scheduled to increase and most Leica Spotting Scope Accessories and binocular accessories will have small or no price increases. If you are in the market for one of the great Leica Rangefinders, lc_crf_1200_200.jpgsix of the nine rangefinders Eagle Optics carries will also have a $50 to $150 price boost.

Of course we have all heard the old saying, "You get what you pay for". Leica is a great example of this as their binoculars have the thickest housing out of all of the premium European manufacturers' binoculars. This combined with the fact Leica does not use any plastic materials in their binocular housing gives them a reputation for making the toughest binoculars around. The Leica Televid APO version spotting scope incorporates an extra lens element containing fluorite particles which provides increased correction of light and especially color errors. The Televid comes with a patented dual-focusing system---a fast focus to find the subject quickly and a fine focus to sharpen the image to its finest view. These are only a few of the many terrific qualities built into Leica products.

So Leica lovers, now is the time to get an optic to last a lifetime before the prices increase. Call us at 1-800-289-1132 as soon as possible. Even more important, don't hesitate to ask about our in-store specials. We take phone calls on Monday thru Friday from 8am to 6pm CDT and the showroom is open 9am to 6pm CDT. We are around on Saturdays from 10am to 2pm to take your calls or visits at the Eagle Optics Showroom. Customer service is a priority for Eagle Optics so try us. We aim to please!


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