Friday, June 22, 2007

Binoculars Stretch Viewing Time

Those lazy days of summer arrived at 1:06 pm in Wisconsin on June 21st. Officially called the summer solstice, this means daytime hours are at a maximum in the Northern Hemisphere as the sun reaches the peak of its power. It is fitting for the newest edition of the Vortex Razor binocular to enter the sport optics market at this time of year. An innovative binocular with a 50mm objective lens, the Razor will extend your viewing time all day, every day, whether it is the longest day of the year or the shortest. Designed to offer high magnification and maximum brightness, the 50mm Razors will not disappoint customers looking for the next step up in binocular performance.

There are many things to like about the Razor and in side by side comparisons to similar or higher priced binoculars, I find the Razor to bring the distant views in at a closer and fuller image. I liken it to a somewhat three dimensional view one will notice when looking through a porro prism. This beautiful view combined with the extra light gathering ability of a 50mm objective lens offers the "WOW" factor we often refer to in an excellently engineered binocular. razor50mm_left_ang.jpg

The different magnifications allow the Vortex Razor to appeal to both birders and hunters. The 8.5x50 size will be especially appreciated by the birder who likes longer distance shore birding, hawk-watching, and band-counting. Although the 37oz. weight sounds like a lot, the overall ergonomics made this seem easier to hold than I imagined. Carrying for long periods of time will be made easier with the use of a binocular harness strap system.

The 10x50 and the 12x50 Razors are better suited to the needs of a hunter. The higher magnification will cover the greater distances required when glassing for long hours in the wide open terrain. Even more rewarding will be the approximately 30 to 45 minutes of extra viewing capability provided by the greater light-transmitting potential. That means hunters can even better observe animals at their most active times-dawn and dusk. The typical trade-off when using the higher magnification can be a hard to steady image. The Razor's open hinge design and chassis materials defy those issues making this a well-balanced, easy to hold binocular. If your usage requires a tripod kit or monopod, Eagle Optics has great options to choose from.

When it comes to binoculars, I am always drawn to the well thought out details included in the package. The Razor comes in a padded case with a nice durable finish and buckle closure (my preference over velcro closures). The top flap of the case even has contoured corners which completely encloses the binocular-no open spaces. The interior of the case has elasticized loops to hold the interchangeable flared eyecups, which are very easy to switch with the original eyecups. Last but not least, the instruction booklet has easy to read print, clear directions and illustrations which really look like the Razor.

Shopping with Eagle Optics provides you the advantage of selecting from many different manufacturers. When searching our inventory for a binocular similar in size as the Razors, I found the Nikon Monarch PC ATB Binoculars in 8.5x56, 10x56, and 12x56. Well known for their bright optics, this Nikon line offers the higher magnification with a larger aperture format. The Nikon Monarch is in a lower price class and a good performer for the money. hummer.jpg

If your summer days are lazy or crazy, the new 50mm Vortex Razors will be a good companion. Use a Razor while relaxing on your deck to take in details of wildlife activity you could never see before. Discover why hunters are already enjoying this terrific binocular, as Razors have been flying out of our warehouse. As always, we offer our customers a 30-day unconditional guarantee. Visit our website or call us at 1-800-289-1132. We are happy to field your questions about any of the binoculars or spotting scopes we sell.

Happy Summertime!


Eagle Optics Staff

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