Friday, April 20, 2007

The Eagle Optics "Bino Idol" Is...

Bird migration is in full swing and things continue to be very lively here at Eagle Optics: lots of calls, visits in the store and traffic on our website. We enjoy the challenge of trying to find just the right binocular for your use, whether it is research, birding, hunting, backpacking, or canoeing. By listening for your personal likes and performance expectations, we pride ourselves on finding the best choice for you while staying within your budget. I know I shouldn't be redundant (because I've written this before), but it sure is exciting to have so many great binoculars and scopes available to work (more like "play") with. It is also motivating to be part of a company that empowers us to provide the best possible customer service. Last but not least, we have a lot of fun working together as a team, comparing observations of binoculars and learning about new products together.

Binocular comparison is always an interesting discussion, as we all have different ideas of which binocular serves specific needs. When I posed the question to my colleagues about finding good optical performance, in a convenient to use, $100 binocular (or less), they came up with lots of suggestions. Corey, our very dedicated webmaster, has several preferred binoculars. His sentimental favorite is the Bushnell H2O 8x42 Porro Prism binoculars. It was his first pair of binoculars and he still finds them to be a good, waterproof, full size porro prism for today's use. He also likes the Sportoculars for use at games or the theater. He feels they:

  • Offer good optics for the money

  • Are an easy to use design with a big focus knob

  • Come in lots of fun colors (and some evil ones also-Corey's words, not mine! We are in Badger country after all.)

If you don't like the sports teams offered in the Sportoculars, take a look at the Audubon Mini 7x18. Like the Sportoculars, they have a great field of view, are easy to carry, and provide good optics.

Kate, Corey and I all like the Stokes Meadowlark 8x25. With precision-cut, high-density BaK-4 prisms and fully multi-coated optics, they have an exceptionally bright view. Package that with a smooth, easy to use focus knob, a 5 foot close focus, waterproofing, fogproofing, and the Vortex VIP Warranty for a binocular ranking #2 on my list in this price range. Another binocular that is popular is the new Vortex Vanquish 8x26 reverse porro prism binocular. Bright views, compact size, and a durable build proves the Vanquish is a good choice for multiple outdoor situations.

But, the binocular ALL of us can agree as the best all around for this price range, is the Leupold Yosemite 6x30. The Yosemite comes in black, red and natural. This porro prism binocular is such a pleasure to look through! It has an excellent field of view (420 ft./1000 yds.), and the smaller interpupillary distance makes it great for youngsters and adults alike. The Yosemite is waterproof, fogproof and housed in a tough rubber armor. The only drawback to this binocular is the 16.4 foot close focus. If close focus is not important, this is a must consider binocular. I discovered the Yosemite after my son's football season was over, so I am anxious to put them to the test this fall. I have no doubt they will be a huge help. Keeping an eye on my son, a lineman, and following the action on the field is difficult for me. I plan on the Yosemite solving this problem.

Speaking of action in the field, we have staffers coming and going. The suitcases full of sport optics takeBig Sit 1.jpgn to shows are barely getting unpacked before they are packed and on the road again. We appreciate our customers who visited us at the First Coast Nature and Birding Fest last weekend. This weekend will be the awards banquet for the Great Texas Birding Classic. Eagle Optics will be attending and rooting for our Big Sit team, The Rolling Turnstones, when the results are announced at the banquet.

Those of you lucky enough to have spring weather must really be enjoying the spring migration. If your area is like ours, there should be lots of field trips available. Check with your Audubon Society or any of the local nature preserves for some great opportunities. I hope to take advantage of one of Mike McDowell's spring field trips and all of us are looking forward to Ben's 6:30AM field trip for Eagle Optics Staff. I must love my job to get up so early on a Saturday morning!


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