Thursday, March 22, 2007

Minox's Mini Telescope

Collectors come in all areas, whether it is antiques, baseball cards, coins or stamps. They are always interesting to talk with and can share a wealth of detailed information. Believe me, I always learn a lot when I take a call from a sport optics collector-and there are more of you than you might think! Just this week, we had a customer in the Eagle Optics showroom who shared his four feet long rangefinder that was used on a World War II tank. We got a quick lesson on how this style of rangefinder works-it was pretty neat. After that, the new palm size Minox Macroscope MS 8x25 ended up on my desk. Quite a size difference from that World War II tank rangefinder! But, the Macroscope is also a pretty neat piece of optical equipment.

The Minox Macroscope is a unique, compact, miniature telescope. It fits easily in the palm of your hand with the focus ring easily accessible at the end of the scope body. The Macrosope close focus is especially impressive at 1.2 feet. Only the Zeiss DesignSelection 6x18 Monocular can compete with such a close focus. It's field of view is average at 342 feet/1000 yards. If that is not enough field of view for your use, check the Vortex Solo with a 430 feet/1000 yards field of view. Minox has incorporated Porro prisms and multi layer optical coatings to ensure bright images. They have also included a Quick Close Focus which takes only a single turn of the focusing ring to adjust the view from close-up to infinity. Internal Argon gas purging and tough rubber armoring on the exterior ensures a durable optic, able to easily stand up to daily wear in all kinds of weather.

If you read the previous blogs about high end compacts (Compacts Cater to Convenience), you know how much I love great external details (Binos With Bling) to go with great optical quality. This monocular comes packaged in a silver tin with pictures of the Macroscope on the sides and a view through lid. It has a neck strap, tripod socket, and twist-up eyecup. It also comes with a soft black drawstring pouch and a carabiner to attach the bag to a belt loop or backpack. The Minox Macroscope would be an excellent sport optic to keep handy at all times or a great gift idea for the traveling student. The price, size, optical quality, and convenient carrying pouch make this an excellent accessory for vacations.

From mini to full size; Minox also offers the new BV 8x42 BR and BV 10x42 BR binoculars for the price conscious shopper. This new "Value Line" includes multi coated lens elements and roof prisms with phase correction coating. Both sizes provide excellent field of view with the 8 power offering 389 feet/1000 yards and the 10 power with 342 feet/1000 yards. The 8x42 BV's field of view is surpassed by Pentax HRc 8x42 (393 ft.) and the Vortex Diamondback 8x42 (420 ft.): all impressive numbers for an 8x42 binocular in this price range! When it comes to close focus, both the 8 and 10 power BV supply close focus at a mere 3.94 feet. The closest competitor I could find was the Stokes Broadwing 8x42 with a close focus of 4.5 feet. The BV binocular comes with a rainguard but not lens covers. That is easily solved with an Eagle Optics 42mm Tethered Lens Cover Set. Overall, I enjoyed the bright, easy to use Minox BV with one exception. The 58mm-75mm interpupillar distance (the distance between each of a person's eye pupils) was almost not small enough for me. If you have a small IPD, the Audubon Equinox HP 8x42 will accommodate an IPD of 55-76mm.

Both the Macroscope and BV binoculars are nice additions to the Minox line. They offer easy to use, bright optics for the budget minded outdoor person. Call us at 1-800-289-1132 if you have other questions about these products. We are always happy to offer additional information and don't forget our 30 day money-back guarantee. We want our customers to be completely satisfied!


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