Thursday, March 15, 2007

Eagle Optics Raven

Many times we think we have to spend a lot of money to obtain good performance. That idea can be challenged as we access the internet to research good products, then search for the best price. I can save you some time today if you are in the market for a good spotting scope at a great price. The Eagle Optics Raven Straight Spotting Scope priced at $199.99 provides a great sport optic with many benefits for the money. It is an excellent way to experience the advantages of a spotting scope and enter the exciting realm of digiscoping. The Raven has long been a staple of the Eagle Optics line and we have many glowing stories from very satisfied users.

This scope has many capabilities with the 20-60x variable zoom eyepiece, a large 78mm objective lens and a close focus of 17 feet. In the field or the backyard, you will enjoy the views the Raven provides. I have received calls from long time Raven owners who love the ability to see boats on water at night and also explore the night sky with the Raven. State Parks continue to use the Eagle Optics Raven for wildlife viewing events and greatly appreciate the excellent optics the Raven provides to the visiting public. The Raven's tough construction provides great mechanical durability which stands up to countless uses. The waterproof and nitrogen-purged optics allow worry free operation in all kinds of weather.

The durability of the Raven spotting scope makes it a great selection for beginning birders and digiscopers. It works well with the Radian Universal Small Digiscoping Adapter (see previous Eagle Optics Blog) and would start the lucky recipient on their way to digiscoping for a very reasonable cost. The Raven comes complete with the 20-60 zoom eyepiece, a view-through protective Cordura case, and objective and ocular lens covers. It is covered by the Eagle Optics limited lifetime warranty and the Eagle Advantage Warranty. This extra warranty promises a one time repair for a maximum cost of $20.00 no matter who or what caused the damage. This is only one of the many ways Eagle Optics strives to provide great customer service.

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  1. This is an old request , but I thought I'd give it 1 more try. I own a Raven Scope and and very pleased with the product. I know that you no longer carry the product and for some time have discontinued selling the 30x wide eyepiece. I would relly like to get the 30X eyepiece and wondered if there is any chance someone can contact the original manufacturer to see if 1 is available. I have tried every angle on earth to locate 1 and have had no luck Thanks.

  2. Kowa 600-660 eye-pieces fit the Raven 78 scopes.


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