Friday, March 16, 2007

Eagle Optics Aids Crane Foundation

As many of you in the birding community know, the International Crane Foundation suffered a severe blow to the excellent work it is accomplishing in the recovery of the Whooping Crane. The devastating storm in Florida on February 2, 2007, killed 17 of the 18 young cranes that had successfully migrated to Florida last fall from the Necedah National Wildlife Refuge. ICF is only a 45 minute drive from the Eagle Optics showroom and offices. Many of us have visited there and were personally impacted by the news. Our local papers and television stations carry frequent articles about the birth of the cranes and their progress. It is a great emotional high to follow the chicks' development at the ICF, seeing film of their journey to Florida, and their life before coming back to Wisconsin. I personally was delighted by a program where an ICF staffer donned the white gear used in raising the chicks and shared the methods employed to make sure the chicks do not connect with humans. They go to amazing efforts to insure the successful transition of the chicks into adulthood.

Not to be deterred by this terrible loss, the ICF continues planning programs to benefit the recovery of the Whooping Crane. Preparations to strengthen their efforts are under way and we hope you will participate. This spring will bring about the 19th Bird-a-thon, where ICF supporters collect pledges and spend a day birding while raising money for ICF. It takes place between April 15th and May 31st. Eagle Optics is proud to donate the grand prize for this year's event. A pair of Vortex Razor Binoculars will be awarded to the participant raising the most funds for the ICF Bird-a-thon. Eagle Optics has been a long time benefactor of environmental projects and we find it rewarding to contribute to the exceptional work being done in our own community.

So no matter where you live, you can participate in the 19th ICF Bird-a-thon. Your efforts will assist in this vital effort and you could win a free Vortex Razor Binocular. If time does not allow you to take part, you can still make a donation to champion the future of the Whooping Crane. Coming to Wisconsin any time this year? Whooping Crane chicks hatch between early May to early July. Come see why we are so enthusiastic about this project and then stop by the Eagle Optics Showroom. The last couple of weeks have brought us visitors from Texas and New Jersey. It is always enjoyable to see our customers face to face!


Eagle Optics Staff

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