Friday, February 2, 2007

Seaworthy Sport Optics

Our newest staff member, Tom, attended his first birding festival ever at the Spacecoast Birding Festival. He came home with a great appreciation for the numerous and delightful birders in attendance. Wonderful customers are the number one reason being an Eagle Optics Staffer is such a pleasure. Next week should find many of these customers receiving and enjoying their new sport optics purchase. As always, call us at 1-800-289-1132 if you have questions. Other festivals where you can find a member of our Eagle Optics staff will be this weekend at the San Francisco Flyway Festival and next week at the San Diego Birding Festival. For a complete list of events attended by staff members, see our website for Eagle Optics On Location

While at the Space Coast Festival, Ben and Tom enjoyed a pelagic birding trip where they observed a variety of ocean birds. The weather conditions were difficult-cold, windy and very wet! The salt water spray had their binoculars looking pretty ugly by the end of the day. Easily nikon2.jpgcleaned with with a rinse of water under the faucet, this experience was verification of just how durable waterproof and fog proof sport optics are. Nitrogen purged optics are internally filled with nitrogen and sealed with O-rings to prevent oxidation and internal fogging. This process also make the internal optical components impervious to water and dust. The Vortex Razor has taken this technology one step further with the use of Argon gas purging. Argon gas purging is a superior system to protect the internal components of an optical instrument and increases the Razor's ability to maintain its protection over a wider temperature range for a longer period of time. The following manufacturers Bushnell, Leica, Nikon, Pentax, Steiner, Swarovski, Vortex, Zeiss and many others on our Eagle Optics website provide great binoculars and spotting scopes with the important feature of tough nitrogen purging protection.

Because we are proud to support many groups making strides with conservation efforts, Eagle Optics would like to congratulate The American Birding Association's award-winning Birders' Exchange (BEX) program. They have successfully completed the enormous and important task of translating John Kricher's book, A Neotropical Companion, An Introduction to the Animals, Plants and Ecosystems of the New World Tropics, into a Spanish-language version. For more information about this project and the BEX program, please visit the BEX website. We welcome news from your organizations at

Hoping the weekend finds you warmer than we are here in Wisconsin!


Eagle Optics Staff

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